ARC: Soil Remediaon Workshop (South Africa)

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2014-05-27 - Soil-Remediation-Workshop-Programme-May2014Dr. Johnson speaks at  1st annual  ARC:Soil Remediaton Workshop (South Africa)

May 27-28, 2014

Location : ARC-Head Office, 1134 Park Street, Hafield, Pretoria
Organizers : ARC-Instute for Soil, Climate and Water

(Workshop Flier)

Soil Health is an important aspect of terrestrial agricultural producon with high impact on environmental health and on both quality and quanty of the type of food being produced. As soil serves as an environmental filter and regulates the paroning of water flow through the environment as part of the hydrological cycle, soil health is directly affected by contaminaon and polluon, either through anthropogenic or natural means.
As soil provides a medium for terrestrial plant growth, contaminaon and polluon adversely affect the food chain. Soil can be contaminated by a variety of chemical substances such as oil and pescides, as well as by industrial and mining wastes.
In this workshop, parcipants will learn about a variety of ways to test for soil contaminaon as well as remediaon technologies that can be used to deal with soil contaminaon. They will then deliberate different strategies to migate and remediate compromised soils. The Soil Remediaon Workshop provides an ideal opportunity for concerned pares and stakeholders to share perspecves, to pose quesons and to develop ideas conducive to the formulaon of guidelines for best work pracces that will support safe and sustainable biological remediaon pracces in South Africa.

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