ECEN 669 – Engineering Applications in Genomics

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The aim of this course is to provide graduate students with a glimpse of the fascinating ways in which electrical engineering approaches are being used in the area of systems biology. Having taken this course, the students will (i) develop a basic understanding of molecular biology and (ii) gain an appreciation of how problems arising in systems biology can be formulated and solved using engineering tools.


This course first introduces students to the area of Molecular Biology. This lays out the groundwork for discussing the application of Engineering Principles to Systems Biology. Examples include (i) unearthing intergene relationships (ii) carrying out gene based classification of disease (iii) modeling genetic regulatory networks and (iv) altering their dynamic behavior.

 Topics covered

  • Introduction, Organic Chemistry Review
  • Energy Considerations in Biochemical Reactions
  • Proteins
  • DNA, Transcription and Translation
  • Chromosomes, Gene Regulation and
  • Genetic Variation
  • DNA Technology
  • Cell Division
  • Cell Cycle Control, Cell Death and Cancer
  • Ratio Analysis of Expression Microarray Images
  • Classification using kNN, LDA, QDA & Perceptrons
  • Clustering using k-means, fuzzy k-means and Hierarchical Methods
  • Markovian Modeling of Genetic Regulatory Networks
  • Intervention Based on Mean First Passage Times
  • Intervention Based on Stochastic Optimal Control Theory

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