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Job date: 2016-01-26
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Company : Leidos 

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Role : Research Scientist 

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PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The mission of the Data Science and Information Technology Program (DSITP) is to develop an enterprise-level, consolidated information technology infrastructure that provides exceptional IT capabilities to the Frederick National Labs for Cancer Research (NCI-Frederick/FNLCR) in support of basic, translational, and clinical cancer and AIDS research.  The Advanced Biomedical Computing Center (ABCC) is a part of the DSITP within Leidos Biomed.  The primary focus of ABCC is to support scientific research at the NCI (National Cancer Institute) at Frederick, NCI-Bethesda, NIH, and other federal agencies through the Economy Act. The ABCC provides bioinformatics, systems biology, data integration and analysis, mathematical simulation and modeling, image analysis and visualization, nanoinformatics, proteomic analysis expertise, and web-enabled application delivery to these communities.   JOB DESCRIPTION The Bioinformatics Analyst IV: 1) provides collaborative bioinformatics support to the investigators at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), 2) conducts analysis and interpretation of high-throughput biomedical data generated by microarray, next-generation sequencing, proteomics and metabolomics platforms, 3) designs, develops and deploys robust workflows, as well as custom scripts, to support the analysis of high-throughput data mining publicly available biological data to generate novel hypotheses or insights,  4) presents analysis results, in a clear and concise manner, to an audience not familiar with bioinformatics, and 5) provides guidance to the Center for Cancer Research (CCR) research community in the design and analysis of complex biological experiments. This position is located at the main NIH campus in Bethesda and may require travel to Frederick, Rockville and Gaithersburg campuses.
  • Possession of a Bachelor's degree (Master's degree preferred) in biomedical science/bioinformatics/math/computer related field from an accredited college or university or four (4) years related experience in lieu of degree
  • Foreign degrees must be evaluated for U.S. equivalency
  • In addition to educational requirements, a minimum of eight (8) years of progressively responsible relevant experience
  • Experience in processing high throughput biomedical data: data cleaning, normalization, analysis, interpretation and visualization
  • Ability to understand and analyze data from complex experimental designs
  • Ability to provide guidance in the design and analysis of complex biological experiments
  • Solid background in the applied statistics and design of experiments
  • Proficiency in at least two of the following programming languages: Perl, Python, R, Java and C/C++
  • Experience in at least three of the following areas: metagenomics, ChIPSeq, RNASeq, ExomeSeq, DHS-Seq, microarray analysis
  • Expertise in using tools for NGS data-processing: Novoalign, STAR, BWA, GATK, Samtools, Annotator, SnpEff, Limma, EdgeR, DESeq2
  • Familiarity with public databases: NCBI, Ensembl, TCGA, cBioPortal, Broad FireHose
  • Knowledge of database programming and working in a cluster environment
  • Master’s degree preferred
  • Laboratory experience and experience in molecular biology techniques
  • Application development experience
  • Knowledge of cancer biology
  • Experience in submitting data sets to public repositories
  • Management of large genomic data sets including integration with data available from public sources
  • Prior customer-facing role

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