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Job ID: 5921
Job date: 2016-08-31
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Company : CAPCO 

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Role : Research Scientist 

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Job Description:
About Capco
Hatch is a digital agency within Capco. We are a workshop responsible for creating the prototypes, the user experience, and the products imperative to our clients’ survival in an ever-changing industry. We don’t just shift the paradigm- we disrupt it on a daily basis. Banks are our area of expertise, but we couldn’t be further away from the suit and tie world. We are movers and shakers that thrive on a challenge, as those are the opportunities for innovation. We believe in the power of collaboration-with ourselves, and our clients.

You want a job that will embrace your curiosity, grow your skills and put you on the forefront of innovation. Problem is, the market today is full of companies who talk about innovation but have little ability to actually do it. Innovation has become so ubiquitous, save for one space...the financial sector. In this space, the traditional approaches are now obsolete. One hundred years of consulting and marketing are gone. Alternative approaches already adopted by those outside finance aren't a novelty, they're all they've got left.

Role Overview
Role entails the build, creation, configuration, and maintenance of prototype servers and clusters, development of proof of concept products including full stack development of algorithms, data modelling, and hardware requirements.


Analyze and model structured and unstructured data using advanced statistical methods and implement algorithms and software needed to perform analyses
Perform machine learning, natural language, and statistical analysis methods, such as classification, collaborative filtering, association rules, semantic analysis, topic modelling, time-series analysis, regression, statistical inference, and validation methods
Cluster large amount of user generated content and process data in large-scale environments using Amazon EC2, Storm, Hadoop and Spark
Drive client engagements focused on Big Data and Advanced Business Analytics, in diverse domains such as process optimization, risk management, reporting, data quality enhancements; communicate results and educate others through reports and presentations
Perform explanatory data analyses, generate and test working hypotheses, prepare and analyse historical data and identify patterns

Two years of professional experience working as a Data Scientist
Strong knowledge in at least one of the following fields: machine learning, neural networks, statistical modelling, natural language processing or data mining
Experience with command-line scripting, data structures and algorithms and ability to work in a Linux environment, processing large amounts of data in a cloud environment
Bachelor’ or Master’s degree or PhD from an accredited college/university in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering, Bioinformatics, Physics, Operations Research, or related fields, with a minimum of two years of relevant experience (strong mathematical background with ability to understand algorithms and methods from a mathematical viewpoint and an intuitive viewpoint)
Strong data extraction and processing, using MapReduce, Pig, and/or Hive preferred
Proficiency in analysis (e.g. R, SAS, Matlab) packages, programming languages (e.g. Java, Python, Ruby, Javascript) as well as the ability to implement, maintain, and troubleshoot big data infrastructure, such as distributed processing paradigms, stream processing and databases such as Hadoop, Storm, SQL and Solr

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