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Job date: 2016-10-12
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Company : inVentiv Health Clinical 

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Role : Research Scientist 

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Job Description:

Database DeveloperJob Description: Responsible for designing the database and programming edit checks for the Clinical studies

Project Description: We are developing a suite of tools built on Electron that will streamline the management and adherence to best practices of computational investigations performed by members of our Translational Bioinformatics department. The suite of tools will interact with a diverse range of internal systems, from a user’s local file system, our internal GitHub installation, our Amazon VPC, and other resources.

Create applications from detailed specifications using specified programming language(s)Code, test, debug, document and maintain programsFront end development (GUI interfaces) utilizing ODBC to connect to any Open Architecture RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) — such as Oracle and SybaseAnalyzes application requirements and provides recommended designCreate detailed project outlines and application design specificationsQuality reviews of code developed by other development staffDevelops test plansDesigns for more complex integration with other applications/technologies

Specific Requirements:

One key requirement that we have is the management of large data files used by multiple bioinformaticians.We are looking for a developer who will help us build a filesystem-based data file versioning and management application to add to our overall suite.This application will manage a directory of large files by hashing and storing files in a manner similar to the git object store.The application will track file versions and other metadata in a local database and avoid file duplication by hashing files prior to checking in to the filesystem repository.The application to be developed will include Node.js modules that may be used as command line utilities for interacting with the repository as well as an Electron UI that will allow a user to check in, search for, and link to specific files and file versions in the repository.Proficient in the use of HTML, JAVA, Active X, ASP and various software-aided design applicationsUse sophisticated "industry standard" web development tools, such as portalsDemonstrated experience and ability in integrating existing Web applications with backend databases (internal and external)Experience with multi-tiered architecturesExperience with ActiveX, Visual Basic, AJAX and HTML/DHTML and an understanding of COM/DCOM, CORBA and linking to back-end databases.Good interpersonal and communication skills

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