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Job date: 2014-10-10
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Company : Thermo Fisher Scientific 

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Role : Research Scientist 

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Listing Info Thermo Fisher Scientific is a leader in promoting global health. As part of that mission, we are seeking a bioinformatics scientist to contribute to microbial detection projects as a member of the Animal Health team. As a member of this team, the scientist will utilize and assist in the development of analysis pipelines for identifying signature regions from microbial genomes and designing assays for sensitive and specific microbial detection. The scientist will rely on sequences from public databases as well as internal next-generation sequencing projects for comparative genomics analysis and robust assay design. As part of an interdisciplinary team, the scientist will communicate the results of bioinformatics analyses in oral presentations and written reports to biologists and others unfamiliar with computational tools and methods. The candidate must be self-motivated and independent and be able to manage time among a number of projects related to microbial detection. Responsibilites •Provide bioinformatics support for microbial detection projects related to animal health. •Establish and maintain local versions of databases for housing microbial genome sequences. •Utilize existing pipelines for identification of signature sequences and develop new pipelines. •Work with resident biologists to design effective qPCR assays based on customer requirements. •Support internal next-generation sequencing projects •Effectively communicate results of computational analyses to biologists and others unfamiliar with bioinformatics tools Minimum Qualifications (must Have) •Capable of working in Linux/Unix work environment. •Expertise in Perl (C/C++/Java experience a plus). •Foundational knowledge of molecular biology is required and familiarity with molecular detection methods such as qPCR and their applications in microbiology is highly desirable. •Familiarity with bacterial and viral taxonomy and naming conventions. •Expertise in analysis of next-generation sequencing data (mapping, de novo assembly). •Expertise with comparative genomics tools (BLAST, multiple alignments, phylogenetic analysis). •Relational database experience (MySQL, Oracle). •Strong communication skills. •Masters or Ph.D. in bioinformatics, molecular biology, statistics or related field. Preferred Qualifications (nice To Have) High-performance computing experience a plus Experience with assay design software such as Primer 3 is helpful

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