Scientist III, Bioinformatics : Austin, TX, United States

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Job ID: 560889
Job date: 2015-11-27
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Company : Thermo Fisher Scientific 

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Role : Research Scientist 

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DUTIES: Collaborate with Molecular Biologists, Bioinformatic Specialists, and Translational Scientists in an R&D environment. Employ statistical methods to analyze biological RNAseq data. Gather plug-in requirements, develop test plans, and develop and deploy plug-in modules to support applications. Develop new plug-in software modules for analysis of RNAseq data on internal platforms that analyze sequencing data, collect results, and prepare HTML reports. Conduct analysis of next-generation sequencing and applications of sequencing regarding personalized medicine and human health. Develop data analysis strategies and design assays via targeted sequencing. Implement bioinformatics data integration and analysis pipelines in Pipeline Pilot or scripting languages, using Life Technologies high-throughput genomic data and sample annotations. REQUIREMENTS: Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Computer Science, Physics, or related field of study. Employer will also accept a Master’s degree plus 3 years of bioinformatics or related experience or a Bachelor’s degree plus 5 years of bioinformatics or related experience as equivalent alternatives. Must have knowledge and experience in: Understanding of basic genetics, biology, and cancer biology; Analyzing gene expression data; Software development and scientific programming in Bioinformatics; Genomics, experimental data processing, high-throughput data analysis, and genomic databases; Statistical data analysis fundamentals; Computational skills: data parsing, cleansing, data modeling, and analysis; Programming in Java, C/C++, or scripting and analysis languages (R, Matlab, Python, or PERL); Experience in Linux, high performance computing environment, cluster computing and shell scripting; Reviewing, synthesizing, and presenting scientific data and methods; Develop bioinformatics algorithms and automated pipelines for NGS data analysis and reports generation; Demonstrate initiative in experimenting with new technologies; Experience with NGS data analysis tools: SAMtools and Tuxedo suite tools; Experience with genome assembly tools: Newbler, Celera WGS assembler, and Velvet; and, Understanding complex algorithms in Bioinformatics.Advertisement

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