Senior Scientist, Bioinformatics : Finland

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Job ID: 568197
Job date: 2016-01-18
End Date:

Company : Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Country :

Role : Research Scientist 

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Job Description:

  • Development and testing of bioinformatics algorithms, especially related to protein sequence data, biological annotation and mass spectrometric data analysis
  • Maintain and develop Matterhorn-specific protein and sequence databases for microbial identification in Method method development
  • Drafting software requirements for Matterhorn product
  • Assisting in SOP (Standard Operations Operating Procedures) creation
  • Support and educate of ProteinCenter users
  • Conduct the necessary development of ProteinCenter to ensure it represents an adequate analysis platform for Matterhorn users (e.g. support for proprietary proteins)and possible further development of the program
  • Derivation of statistical methods for microbial identification and clinical categorization
  • Acting as software architect and data modeler in Matterhorn sub-projects, as well as contributing to the actual implementation and software development
  • Creation and possible testing of database prototypes
  • Definition of required pilots for database build
  • Participate in genome sequencing and protein translation efforts
  • Coaching possible junior members of bioinformatics team, e.g., helping them to acquire tools and data analysis methods
  • Collaboration with global R&D teams to ensure product(s) meet specifications and functionality

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