Senior Statistician / Biometrician

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Job date: 2016-11-15
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Company : Advanta 

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Role : Research Scientist 

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Job Description:

Job Description: Provide statistical support to several breeding programs in experimental design, data management, and analysis and interpretation of experimental data. It will be responsible of performing complex statistical analyses for a broad spectrum of types of data (phenotypic, genetic, and molecular) and types of studies, preparing reports that summarize the analysis of such research data, and interpreting the findings and providing conclusions and recommendations. The position will interact closely with other researchers in the deployment of statistical methodology, information management and new software tools for breeding programs. Job Responsabilities:
  • Support on experimental design and the application of appropriate statistical methods. Manage and analysis of high volume of phenotypic and genotypic data coming from multi-environmental trials and high-throughput marker platforms
  • Development and evaluation of appropriate methods for QTL analysis, marker assisted selection, genome wide association studies and genomic prediction
  • Engage at a high level with field breeders in the development and application of analytical and operational software to combine, visualize and deploy genetic and phenotypic information to breeding programs
  • Collect, organize, analyze, and summarize phenotypic and genotypic data for inbred and hybrid evaluation
  • Provide guidance, direction, and mentoring to breeders in order to insure the successfully adoption of new methodologies
Job Requirements: 

  • Ph. D. degree in Statistics or Plant/Animal Breeding, or related area, with a specialization in field or genetic data analysis, experimental design, quantitative genetics
  • A minimum of seven years of relevant experience in agricultural research
Experience & Desired Skills: 
  • Must have a strong expertise in at least one of these software: R, SAS or Genstat
  • Direct experience in planning and implementing the design and analysis of field experiments
  • Experience in analysis of large multi-environment field trials or high-volume genetic data
  • Must have a solid foundation in statistical theory with strong interest in applied statistical analysis methodologies
  • Experience in quantitative/population genetics, and/or designing QTL studies, and/or GWAS or GS, and effectively analyzing and interpreting data from those studies, and/or statistical consulting is highly desired
  • Must have strong oral and written communication skills, with demonstrated ability in presenting talks, seminars or other oral presentations
  • Excellent problem solving skills, with demonstrated ability in developing and implementing creative solutions to complex problems
  • Desire to collaborate with individuals of diverse scientific backgrounds is essential
  • Cultural Sensitivity

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Advanta US is an operating unit of Advanta, a global seed company that combines the most advanced techniques in conventional plant breeding with biotechnology to deliver world-class seed. We are an international leader in the research, development, production, processing, marketing and sale of high-performance agricultural seeds.

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