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2016-10-26  -  Genomic signatures of adaptation in an island bird =96 CASE studentship with IPNA-CSIC (Tenerife)  -  

The student will carry out population sampling, ecological surveying and analysis of genomic data from 13 Island populations of Berthelot=92s pipit. Our previous work has shown that these populations differ markedly in their ecology (particularly in parasites and altitude), and that natural selection and =93chance=94 interact to shape patterns of genetic variation. We have recently generated sequence data from ~300 key functional genes and ~2000 non-coding regions (using sequence capture and RAD-seq, respectively) from the populations.

2015-02-19  -  Research Associate – Muscle Molecular Biology and Biochemistry  -  

A position, funded by the BBSRC, is available for a postdoctoral Research Associate to work on the molecular mechanism of stretch activation in muscle, using insect flight muscle (Lethocerus and Drosophila) as a model system.